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New Business Services and Advising

Our Mobile CPA firm can assist you with business start-up, incorporation and entity selection services. James T. Murray, III, CPA, LLC has the experience to help advise and guide you in choosing the best business entity to meet your short and long term goals. Many businesses are formed without the owner ever really considering the implication of each entity type. Selecting the wrong type of business structure can result in unnecessary taxes, increased liability and other consequences.

We consider all the factors including asset protection, your personal liability, state and local laws, future growth and how to minimize your taxes. With our guidance and support you will be able to choose the best legal form of business organization so you can minimize your future tax obligations and grow your new business.

Our new business and advising services include:

If you have further questions, we invite you to call our office at 251-461-2240. We offer initial consultations for individuals and businesses.